• Pamela Brokamp
    I use both products - the Moisturiser with Sunscreen SPF 15 and Almond & Calendula Body Butter and I could not recommend them higher! Both have the perfect consistency and are non greasy. The Body Butter is great for moisturising after sun exposure
  • Karen Shlegeris
    I've been using your moisturiser with sunscreen and I'm pleased to say it seems to be fine for my very sensitive eyes. I'm so pleased to find a locally made safe product to use. It has a lovely subtle scent and goes on smoothly. Thanks!
  • Emily Lethbridge
    I was immediately drawn to the idea of Surfpaste's vegan qualities & natural ingredients, that is as good for my skin as it is for the environment. As a surfer who spends a lot of time in the ocean, I highly recommend Surfpaste for sun protection.
  • Robyn Deas
    I love this sunscreen! It feels and smells so good. It's great to finally find a sunscreen that I enjoy putting on everyday. Thank you for such a wonderful product!
  • Connor Lyons
    Surfpaste is a great product and lasts for hours. Easy to apply and doesn't lose texture or melt when in the sun. It's also organic so anyone who cares about our planet can use this product and know they're doing something positive for our Oceans.
  • Steve Maloney
    As a surf coach I can spend up to 6 hours in the water somedays. Surfpaste is an absolute essential for me and has a great texture. So good to know that it's all natural and by protecting my skin I will still have a baby face when I'm an old man.
  • Susan Ewington
    I've been using this product for about a month now and I absolutely love it! Just using it as a regular moisturiser under makeup in the morning. Thank you!

Noosa Organic Skin Care's range of organic sunscreens provide protection for your skin to stay safe in the sunSunscreen is your best defence agaist premature ageing and skin damage.

Our organic sunscreens are plant-nutrient rich – brimming with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and soluble vitamins to nourish, enrich, soothe and protect the skin.