How to apply Surfpaste Tinted Sunscreen SPF30+

When formulating Surfpaste I decided to create a vegan sunscreen and carnauba wax replaces bees wax which is used in many other products. Surfpaste contains certified organic carnauba wax, this is what appears as a grainy substance in our product when it is cold. It is designed like this to withstand high temperatures and not be too liquid. It also helps to keep the product in a pliable, yet solid form. When using Surfpaste blend a small amount of the product together with your fingertips and the wax dissolves instantly.
Carnauba wax is used in cosmetics to give the product a smooth application and glossy finish.

For all you ladies, Surfpaste can be used as your sunscreen, concealer and foundation all in one product, similar to a BB Cream which helps to reduce premature ageing caused by sun exposure. You will find you need to use this product sparingly and apply after your moisturiser so it goes on easer for you.

Please do not mix it with any other product, as once you add something else it may become rancid.

Surfpaste contains only certified organic ingredients and non-nano zinc oxide, all the ingredients I chose for my product are highly beneficial for the skin. The high levels of antioxidants from the certified organic oils protect and repair the skin from damage and premature ageing. For anyone that struggles with sensitive or acne-prone skin, the zinc oxide in Surfpaste helps to soothe the inflammation and may reduce sebum production.

Surfpaste Tinted Sunscreen SPF30+ has been tested in Australia under our conditions and complies with Australian standards as a high protection broad spectrum sunscreen. So anyone who is serious about sun protection can rely on our product.

Stay safe in the sun everyone!

Surfpaste Team