Noosa Organic Skin Care reviews

Angelita Callihoo
I am so glad that the Moisturiser with Sunscreen is back! It is still so light and makes my skin feel great, unlike other sunscreens which are so heavy and thick. This time around it also has a wonderful scent, leaving me not only smelling lovely but also keeping me protected in the Australian sun. Definitely recommend 😊

Barbara Pattinson

I love your Moisturising Sunscreen! It’s so light on the skin and non-greasy but provides fantastic sun protection. I have sensitive skin & struggle to find skin products & sunscreens that are gentle for me - so I am delighted to have found your sunscreen especially living in Queensland & outdoors every day. I also use this sunscreen on my kids.

Courtney Crowe
I have suffered from Seborrheic Dermatitis for the last 30 years and haven't been able to use any sort of moisturises or sunscreens without causing redness, dryness and itching. After trying the 'Noosa Organic Skin Care' range I have had no side effects. As I work for a boat hire business I need to be protected daily from the sun, so its great to have found a product I can use.

Robyn Deas
I love this sunscreen! it feels good and smells so good. It's great to finally find a sunscreen that I enjoy putting on everyday. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Julie Chilver

As I get older I find my skin dries up in the sun, and the sun is hard to avoid when you live in Australia. Noosa Organic Skincare has brought out a new sunscreen which ticks all my boxes. It’s cruelty-free, eco-friendly and organic. It’s non-greasy and light. I even wear it under make-up. Noosa Organic Skincare has no nasties. I keep one tube in my beach bag and another in the glove compartment in my car.

Surfpaste Tinted Sunscreen SPF30+ Reviews

Suzanne Hart

“An Aussie living in Bali, surfing regularly, I haven’t found another sunscreen that comes close to Surfpaste – it’s the best!” Loving my Surfpaste – survived a week in the Maldives surfing every day in pretty hot sun and nothing got through! I am a big fan! So easy with the small travel size too (and love the new packaging).

Fenna de King, Photographer

I absolutely love Surfpaste. Between spending hours either floating around the ocean taking photos or surfing, to spending days at a time perched in the sun shooting surfers, Surfpaste keeps me covered. It's easy to apply, blends beautifully, protects from our harsh sun and you know what you're using on your skin is safe for yourself and the environment.

Our Sunny Coast Australian Girls under 18 National Longboard Champion, Emily Lethbridge mixes it with the best.
I began using Surfpaste a few months ago when Karen offered me a sample. I was immediately drawn to the idea of its vegan qualities & natural ingredients, that is as good for my skin as it is for the environment. As a surfer who spends a lot of time exposed to the harsh Australian sun, the tinted paste makes my skin feel healthy, whilst preventing burn and soothing my skin in and out of the ocean. I am privileged to wear Surfpaste, and highly recommend it to anyone wanting a sun product that protects your skin and the environment.

Great review from our Sunny Coast Surf Coach, Steve Maloney. ☀️ 🏄
As a surf coach I can spend up to 6 hours in the water somedays. Surfpaste is an absolute essential for me and has a great texture. So good to know that it's all natural and by protecting my skin I will still have a baby face when I'm an old man. Great work guys and thanks for letting me be apart of the journey!!.

Our awesome Sunny Coast Surfer, Connor Lyons rubs head to head with some of the worlds best at 19 years old. He used Surfpaste to protect his skin recently while at Cloud Nine in the Phillipines competing in the World Qualifying Series.
Surfpaste is great product and lasts for hours. Easy to apply and doesn't lose texture or melt when in the sun. It's organic so anyone who cares about our planet can use this product and know that they're doing something positive for our oceans etc because there's no harsh chemicals in it.

Coolum Tennis Coach, Emily Jayne Burns
The only product I trust on my face! I'm out on the tennis court each day for hours and used to get burnt constantly, now I haven't been burnt on my face since and can enjoy the sun.

Tahlia Bourke
Surfing is a huge part of my life, and that means endless hours in the sun. Surfpaste keeps me protected, and the fact that it's all organic and natural means it doesn't clog my skin and I'm happy to leave it on all day long! Oh and did I mention it looks like I've got makeup on, hehe I love it!!!!

Penelope from Noosa
As a mum of 8 keen beach lovers and surfers I am thrilled to have found surf paste! It works beautifully and my girls love the fact that it doesn’t clog their skin…finally no more nagging the kids to “put more cream on!”. And the lip cream is saving my boys who literally don’t come in from the surf. Personally I love it because it looks like makeup and I’m protecting my skin at the same time…win win. Definitely a welcomed stocking filler.

Mathew Barber CooeeGC
As a high school teacher, Providing valuable, SAFE learning opportunities for young people is the crucial in student development. Which is why Surf Paste is on every risk assessment activity I do.
CooeeGC is a senior high school campus with a surfing focus and my students are exposed to the elements of nature on a daily basis. These kids love the ocean and we have a responsibility, like "watch dogs" of the environment that provides us so much. So when a product, is safe, reliable and supports our backyard, from and environmental perspective, you know you are on a winner.

Louise Devor - Eco Surf Supplies
When I switched from regular zinc to surfpaste while surfing, I noticed my acne clear up within days!!! I now wear surfpaste all day every day in and OUT of the water. I have swapped out my foundation / concealer for surfpaste. I love it so much and so does my skin. Thank you Karen for being a skin care genius.

Anita from Coolum
I have always struggled with dark sun spots on my face. They were impossible to cover and just got darker every time I went in the sun. Surf Paste is a miracle. I use it every day on the trouble spots as part of my routine. The spots are fading even though I go in the sun, and the best part is the total coverage. It's like the best concealer ever!

Corina Vargas
Such a nice Zinc! And affordable as well, highly recommend it!

Sienna Marshall
Super happy to be an ambassador for Surfpaste by helping to continue to bring awareness of being sun-safe from the harsh and harmful damage of our sun to the surfing community. I 100% recommend Surfpaste☀️

Shannon Renee Turner
I love this product! I don't have reactions from it (I have sensitive skin), it blends amazingly, doesn't make me feel oily, definitely water proof and it hasn't caused any breakouts. I love that it's Aussie made, vegan, cruelty free, natural and organic. Also it doesn't smell like sunscreen so I don't feel like I've been at the pool all day.

Rikki-Lea Phillips
I love my surfpaste! I wear it all the time and it matches my skin colour perfectly! Who needs foundation when you can wear surfpaste and protect your face at the same time!!

Kelsey Buchanan

Thank you Surfpaste team for always keeping me protected when I'm in the sun for hours enjoying my passion for surfing! Not only is Surfpaste Australian made it is also vegan, cruelty free and protects our oceans! I wouldn't go anywhere without it...

Tai Jennison
Such a good product and environmentally friendly!

Sharna Moule
Highly recommend! I am not a big makeup wearer but like light coverage during the day and I have replaced using foundation on a day to day with Surfpaste. It is beautiful on the skin and the tube goes a long way. Love this product!

Mason Schremmer
Mason Schremmer lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. Mason is 17 years old, has been surfing since she was 11 and hasn't stopped since. Mason enjoys using Surfpaste and says its great because she spends so many long days in the water and it always keeps her protected from the sun.

Tully Adams

Surfpaste is the bomb, he has been using it since he started surfing. Tully is only six years old, I might add. His dad says Tully never used to let him apply sunscreen above his eyes until he started using Surfpaste and says its very easy to apply, not messy like all the others.